A bright, ruby red dry wine with an earthy aroma and well-balanced flavors.  This wine pairs well with a steak or wild game like venison.


A dry red wine that is a deep ruby red. This wine pairs with italian dishes or a grilled steak because of its robust flavor and the hints of mocha and vanilla with a smooth finish.


From the heart of Wisconsin a dry and robust red wine with a smoky aroma and red currant flavor.  The soft tannins in the wine create a well rounded finish.


This award winning wine from the Midwest has made its mark.  It has a rich ruby red color with a medium body.  The perfect balance of fruit and black pepper and spice.

Reserve Red

A wine that evokes excitement from its rich flavor that comes from high spices and tannins.  This wine is aged in an oak barrel that gives it distinct characteristics.


A Soft and delightful semi-dry red wine with a beautiful garnet color.  This wine has aromas of cherry, blackberry, and plum.  The hint of sweetness make this wine perfect for all.

Red Wines