A pronounced floral bouquet is rounded out with a hint of golden apple.  This is a medium body dry white with a lingering finish. This wine pairs well with grilled chicken or shrimp.

La Crescent

A light semi-dry white wine with crisp acidity rounded by apricot and tropical fruit aromas.  Try with a robust salad or a spicy dish.

Widow's Weekend

The perfect blend of floral and fruit.  This elegant semi-sweet white wine is best consumed young. Its blend of flavors make it the perfect white for all occasions.

Seyval Blanc

A crisp semi-sweet white wine with aromas of grapefruit, green apple, and hay.  The crisp and light sweetness of this wine make it perfect for sipping outside in the sun.


A golden yellow wine with zesty aromas of honey, peach, and pear.  Pairs perfectly with a cheese and fruit platter for a party appetizer.


This light colored and distinctly recognized sweet white wine has hints of citrus, rose, and peach.  Pairs well with a light, fruity salad or dessert.

​​White Wines